• Bakery Assets Disposition
    Artisan Capital Partners is a leader in the purchase and disposition solutions of industrial bakery machinery and equipment assets.
  • Artisan Capital Partners is Your Reliable Partner
    Artisan Capital Partners is an end-to-end solution provider and an investment company with a single focus on used industrial bakery equipment.
  • We Look To Buy
    Artisan Capital Partners is always looking for acquisition opportunities of complete bakery lines of production; complete bakery manufacturing facilities and smaller items to hold in stock and recondition.



Why should you choose to work with Artisan Capital Partners? First, we are a customer driven business and know that the only way for us to stay in business and grow is by achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers and what they need. Our knowledgeable staff can sometimes make your process more effective or cheaper even if it means that the right solution is not with Artisan Capital Partners. We will never sell you on a solution that is not right for you!

With that in mind, there are also the reasons below....


  1. We are experts in bakery equipment

    Our team’s combined experience has more than 7 decades of experience in the bakery sector. Our team members contribute their diverse background which ranges from:

    • Supply of new and used bakery equipment to corporate bakeries, large supermarkets, smaller bakery chains, coffee shops and restaurants;
    • Auction of large bakery facilities around the globe, including those of some of the largest bakeries in the world (Flowers Foods, Bimbo, Hostess, and Sara Lee to name a few);
    • Bakery engineers;
    • Bakery operators able to manage a full-line independent or in-store bakery; and
    • Experienced baking professionals with the ability to create high quality baked goods.
  2. We have an unparalleled global customer network

    Our customer list if one of the broadest in the industry and goes 5 digits deep of repeat bakery equipment buyers around the globe. Unlike many in our industry that push a newsletter to a broad list of acquired email list, which they don’t know personally, we know our customers and constantly engage with them to learn about their current operations and their existing and future needs.

    Our customer list is diligently segmented by geography, bakery sub-sector and size of operations. This allows us to customize our marketing campaigns to only cater relevant equipment to our customers. As a result, our customers stay engaged with our communications and our email list gets a significantly high open rate than that of our competitors.  

  3. We stand behind our word

    Whichever solution we provide to you, we will go to any length to make sure we deliver on what we say even if this means we lose money. This means payment on time for your assets, or making sure we show up with you for factory walk through, or providing reliable and high quality technical support. We look forward to establishing long term relationships with our customers and providing them with the best solution and levels of service. 

  4. We offer a complete array of solutions to meet your needs

    Our mission statement is simple:

    “To become a recognizable leader in the purchase and disposition solutions of bakery machinery and equipment”

    For that purpose, we have in house an array of solutions to meet your needs, from buying your equipment outright, to selling it on your behalf, to offer turn-key relocation services, appraisal services, seller financing, leases and term loans and more. The point is simple – every project is different and we are here to think outside the box and find the right solution for you. To learn more about our solutions please go to our Solutions page by clicking here.

  5. We are a serious cash buyer….

    Artisan Capital Partners is an established company with strong cash balance and well capitalized. We have the financial resources to buy equipment of any size and value immediately, in cash, and with no financing contingency.


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