Innovation in commercial production of baked goods

Bakeries are constantly trying to find new innovative ways to beat competition and entice mindful consumers.

Below are some of the innovation drivers in the production of baked goods:

Health as driver for advancement in innovation:

  • Efficient ingredients: public awareness for unbalanced diets and growing associated health-related issues has resulted an increasing investment in industry for research in products with nutritionally value-added substances that promote health and well being. Consumers now, have an increasing interest in food that promotes and maintains energy, enhance satiety, or make consumers feel full after eating. The improvements in the baking sector aim for healthier products that include more complete grains, dietary fiber, probiotics antioxidant substances.
  • Gluten free products:  gluten free diets are on the rise. According to a survey from 2015, a third of Americans actively try to avoid gluten. Unfortunately, traditional baked products rely on many foods listed as allergens, especially wheat-based flour, the trigger for celiac. This poses a challenge for both the ingredient and production sides of the plant.

Convenience (and Pleasure) in Bakery Products – New Ideas for Product Innovation

Bakeries increasingly offer developments that connect with convenience products. Some examples of innovative convenient products include:

  • Cupcake pops – similar to cupcakes, but bite-sized rounded cakes a stick.
  • Go local and seasonal. Baked products designed to appeal to regional and ethnic tastes, as well as customized for the season
  • Specialty bread. The consumer palate for better bread has expanded. A wide variety of artisan and specialty breads, par-baked and frozen dough bread products are available for convenient, in restaurants, c-stores, or retailers bake-off production.

e-commerce – Also in Bakery Products!

According to a recent survey, while customers care very much about the freshness of their bakery goods, that doesn’t prevent them from wanting to buy these goods online. As ,much as 41% of Americans would be interested in buying bread and pastries from an online bakery. This presents a huge opportunity for those producers in the sector who are willing to adapt and embrace this trend. According to a Rabobank research, producers need to rethink assortments as well as marketing and supply chain strategies (see figure):

In our next blog post we will next discuss some of the recent advancement in automation of bakery production. Stay tuned!


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