The food-industry machinery and equipment sector is stable and does not experience rapid technology changes. The food industry is often viewed as low-tech, having one of the lowest R&D to sales ratios of any industrial sector. Indeed, manufacturing process has largely remained the same in the last 3 or 4 decades and it is not uncommon to see machines in operations from the 70’s or even the 60’s.

However, globalization and fierce product competition along with increasing consumer demand, drive food companies to explore ways to improve their productivity. In recent years we are witnessing strong and clear efforts on behalf of the leading bakery manufacturers to innovate and invest in their products.

Increased Automation in Production

The automation of bakery production projection has been increasing steadily. More and more manufacturers are transforming their production departments to be comprised of machine-controlled systems, which replace previously human intensive labor units. Such transformation is following the consistent trend across other sectors of industrial production and expected to accelerate in the coming years.

From our perspective, the seamless interaction of production system is especially intersecting in the bakery sector. The implementation of automated business lines for the production of bakery goods allows bakery manufacturers to work more efficiently and economically.

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