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Rademaker, founded in 1977, calls itself the specialist in processing equipment. Headquartered in Culemborg, the Netherlands, over the last four decades, Rademaker has led innovation in the industry to deliver on worldwide market needs and trends. They specialize in the production solutions for dough and pastry based products, which can be bought new, or as refurbished used bakery equipment. With offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, and China, Rademaker helps bakeries worldwide create high quality breads and pastries.

Production equipment

Rademaker’s extensive dough production portfolio includes breads, croissants, pastries, pizza, flatbreads, donuts, pies, and quiches. Its engineers are dedicated to creating state of the art engineering techniques to provide every customer with solutions that meet their unique needs. They combine this with efficient production solutions that leverage automation to provide the lowest cost-of-ownership possible.

Universal Pastry Line

One of Rademakers newest innovations is their universal pastry line. Taking feedback from their customers, they developed a highly efficient pastry production line with the lowest cost of ownership possible. Its features include the tool assistant and hygienic design. The tool assistant saves line configurations and tooling info and holds a chronological list of tools, simplifying changeovers. To improve the hygienic design of the universal pastry line, Rademaker looked at every aspect of the line. Edges are all rounded, tools are mounted with standoffs at least 1 inch off the surface, and they eliminated recesses and cavities. The resulting open design allows for easy, quick, and safe operation and cleaning.

Rademaker Academy

Rademaker knows that as bakery technology continues to innovate, there are fewer individuals educated in industrial baking technology. This knowledge gap can lead to problems in production line operation and dough processing. Particularly as the industry moves toward advanced dough sheeting, Rademaker believes that closing that education gap will enable a production line to maximize profitability and ultimately, the profitability of the bakery itself. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of technologists, service engineers and commissioners, Rademaker Academy offers three training courses: basic sheeting technology, advanced training, and production line and process efficiency. The courses are provided at Rademaker’s headquarters in the Netherlands, and are offered before a production line is installed, so there is no production downtime for bakeries.


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