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Whether you are buying new or refurbished industrial baking equipment for your baking line, after you’ve assessed which components make sense for you operation, the next consideration for business owners is which brand and model of industrial baking equipment to choose. Many business owners come to know and trust certain brands over others, be it due to their ease of use or maintenance, their quality of warranty, or their compatibility with existing procedures. Whatever your metrics for evaluation are, becoming familiar with the options of brands and the type of equipment they carry is the first step. Here is a brief overview of Rondo, an industrial baking line engineering and manufacturing company, which specializes in dough sheeting and shaping equipment that prides itself on its “dough-how.”

Rondo’s reputation

Choosing the right brand for your business can be a tough decision – there are many reputable baking equipment manufacturers on the market. Rondo feels they differentiate themselves from the others with Swiss engineering; a concept they define as top performance research and development processes, service that focuses on problem-solving to meet their customer’s production line needs, and using those elements to create quality solutions. Founded in 1948 with a small engineering workshop, Rondo has grown over the last 70 years to secure numerous patents for their innovative equipment and to spread its operations across the globe. One of its first products was a Rondo dough sheeting machine with belts, invented by Rondo’s founder Gustav A. Seewer in Switzerland. Since then, the company has contributed several exciting industrial baking solutions to the field, leveraging the work of Rondo’s Dough-How Center, which is the seat of their esteemed research and development operations. Many in the industry look to Rondo at the annual conferences and exhibitions for the next innovation in dough processing.

Rondo’s equipment

From pastries to pizzas, Rondo has a machine that can process multiple types of dough. They offer dough-band formers that can work with a wide variety of dough consistencies; dough laminating lines that gently and methodically create meticulous dough bands; pastry make-up lines with a variety of modular components that can produce an array of pastries; and a new dough rounding system that boasts a repeat accuracy of 100%, just to name a few. Additionally, Rondo produces ASTec (Advanced Sanitary Technology) lines that feature materials and surfaces engineered to resist unhygienic conditions and decrease cleaning time by thirty percent.

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