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we offer tailored solutions and services designed to create liquidity from industrial bakery assets while consistently managing risk.  This single focus is the reason we created Artisan Capital Partners









Industry challenges of buying used bakery equipment

Buying and re-selling used bakery equipment present a set of known challenges and risks involved, time after time:

  • Seller reputation - can it be safely assumed equipment was well maintained and serviced
  • Dismantling costs - often there are price variations of 100% and more by different vendors
  • Technical skills of the vendor - is the vendor an expert in dismantling bakery equipment
  • Packaging and transportation
  • Design in new location - how to wisely design the line in the new location to work with existing building layout and other on-premise constraints
  • Re-installation and testing - perhaps the most important part limiting many buyers from buying used bakery equipment - will the product work properly, and at what additional cost to get there

Why do buyers and seller face these repeated challenges?

We believe that while these challenges cannot be eliminated completely, they can be significantly reduced via an integrated approach.

Currently, when different market participants aiming to address the above challenges are asked a simple question: "what does your company do?"; their answers, while can be diverse, will almost always be single dimensional and "product" oriented:

  • we are buyers of used bakery equipment....
  • we are sellers of used bakery equipment....
  • we are mediators of used bakery equipment...
  • we are system integrators of used bakery equipment...

Do you see where this is going? Even if some market participants are vertically / horizontally integrated from a services / product perspective, their definition of themselves would remain product oriented: "well, we do this, but also this and this and this....."

Why Artisan Capital Partners was created?

We believe that what we do and how we do it is far less important than what are we trying to achieve or solve. Sure, we buy and sell equipment, we can search for equipment etc. However these are just tools in our toolbox that help us achieve what we really do, which is:


Every project is different, and the situation is unique and affected by the various parties involved, their motivations and constraints. For example:

  • How much time the parties have for creating liquidity from the underlying assets;
  • Is the seller's main motivation to maximize value, simplify the process, reduce risk;
  • What are the assets involved (smaller items, complete production lines, complete bakery equipment, or even complete bakery facility with land and buildings);
  • Are the assets free and clear from liens or encumbrances, or maybe there is a secured lender with interest in the assets.

Whatever the situation may be, our goal is to find the right solution for enabling the transaction to happen. As such we aim to have a wide array of solutions in house, and close strategic partnerships if  the required solution requires the involvement of third parties.

Our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise as well as extensive list of equipment manufacturers, bakeries, dismantling vendors and more allows us the capabilities to tailor made and design the right solution.


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