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07Jan 2018
Bakery Equipment Assets Appraisal

There are various good reasons to have your equipment routinely appraised. The most common reasons for determining the value of your equipment are: Preparing for selling your surplus machinery or equipment Substantiating equipment values when applying for a loan Using the assets as collateral in an asset-based financing Conducting assets valuation as part of an […]

23Jan 2018

Procurement of industrial bakery equipment is often considerably cheaper when made in developing countries. Naturally, the price advantage comes into play due to lower labor costs, cheaper land and materials. It is not a surprise therefore, to see the growing trend of European and American food producers that turn to Asia, China and other developing […]

09Feb 2018
Innovation in commercial production of baked goods

Bakeries are constantly trying to find new innovative ways to beat competition and entice mindful consumers. Below are some of the innovation drivers in the production of baked goods: Health as driver for advancement in innovation: Efficient ingredients: public awareness for unbalanced diets and growing associated health-related issues has resulted an increasing investment in industry […]

11Feb 2018
automation in commercial bakery equipment

The food-industry machinery and equipment sector is stable and does not experience rapid technology changes. The food industry is often viewed as low-tech, having one of the lowest R&D to sales ratios of any industrial sector. Indeed, manufacturing process has largely remained the same in the last 3 or 4 decades and it is not […]

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