Used DIOSNA Industrial Bakery Equipment

Lasting innovation in used DIOSNA industrial bakery equipment


Founded in 1885, in Osnabrück, Germany, the manufacturer that would later be recognized for the robustness of its used DIOSNA industrial bakery equipment actually started out by producing agricultural machines for dairy farms and domestic use. The company soon transitioned to developing kneading machines for bread dough, receiving its first patent for kneading machines in 1911. Continuing to innovate, DIOSNA received a patent in 1965 for a pliers locking system that improved production safety, and in 1968 released the first kneader with two mixing tools, the patented Wendel kneader. DIOSNA then worked to automate the kneading process and released the first fully automatic kneading system with center emptying in 1984. In its 130 years, DIOSNA has expanded to be an international company with strong brand recognition among used bread production line buyers and sellers.

DIOSNA machines and systems

DIOSNA produces a variety of dough machines across the dough development process from dosing, pre-dough preparation, pre-dough production, kneading, and transfer logistics. Additionally, DIOSNA produces bakery equipment that returns leftover, or “scrap”, dough to be reprocessed for the same or other purposes. These dough recycling solutions can liquefy the dough allowing for time and volume controlled reuse of the scrap dough or can ferment the scrap dough. This latter solution can even be used to ferment and recycle fine doughs containing up to 55% fat by weight. DIOSNA also offers organic quality start cultures for fermented bakery products, as well quality assurance and diagnostic services.

With its strong reputation and product quality, equipment from DIOSNA is popular in secondary markets. Here is an example of a used industrial DIOSNA kneading machine that can be found on secondary markets:

DIOSNA Robotic Kneading Systems: This system comes with 2,240 kg counter rotation dough kneading mixers, five resting bowls, and an elevator tipper command robot. The system’s dough handling capacity is approximately 2000 kg per hour.

DIOSNA Continomixx continuous systematic dough production line: This dough production line includes the DIOSNA CPM 1200 mixer, Diosna CFM 1.350 kneader, two Brabender FW80 loss in weight feeders, Brabender DBW-G1-350 weigh belt feeder, a Seepex rework pump, a PLC control panel with 15 inch color touch panel and conveyer belt between mixer and kneader. Together this production line has a capacity of 1200 kg per hour, and readies the dough for the next steps of final proofing and baking in a used industrial oven.

DIOSNA seminars and outreach

DIOSNA offers several seminars and trainings throughout the year that focus on the production of dough and baked goods. Example topics include “Production of baked goods using flour characteristics” or “Bread fermentation – fully developed methods with many combination possibilities”. DIOSNA developed these seminars to promote industrial baking and provide education on dough production for new and used DIOSNA industrial bakery equipment operators or individuals interested in joining the industry.

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