Used Fritsch Industrial Bakery Equipment

A history of quality for used Fritsch industrial bakery equipment

Many in the industrial baking world rely on the highly-regarded products from the Fritsch bakery team to meet their bread production line needs and utilize both new and used Fritsch industrial bakery equipment. Founded in 1926, Fritsch is a family-owned business that operates out of the same German town since its opening. Now a global business, they have over 50 international sales and service partners, and a wide array of their new and used bread production line solutions are available across the world.

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The philosophy behind Fritsch bakery equipment

Fritsch upholds the philosophy that the key to quality equipment and customer satisfaction is fitting the production line to the needs of the dough, not trying to fit the dough to the line. This motto serves them well across all of their industrial bakery solutions, whether your bakery is making twisted products like pretzels, croissants or other coiled dough products, bread and bread rolls, pastries, or pizza dough and flatbreads. Fritsch is confident in their equipment and invites any customer to visit their Technology Center where they can test equipment first hand in real operating conditions and observe what a Fritsch production line can do.

The versatility of Fritsch bakery equipment

Fritsch bakery equipment is for artisanal bakeries and industrial-scale operations alike, and businesses who purchase single machines, components, or complete bread production lines all enjoy superior quality and greater efficiency in their operations. The equipment ranges in size and degree of automation, from manual dough sheeters like the ROLLFIX, to more compact pastry make-up lines like the EASYLINE, to the Impressa, an industrial pizza and flatbread line that features a high degree of automation and needs only one person to operate. Fritsch bakery equipment also boasts industry-standard hygienic design, and the ability to operate continuously, minimizing downtime, with gentle dough handling for consistently accurate dough shaping.

The lifetime quality of Fritsch bakery equipment

The renowned quality and superior functionality of Fritsch equipment lends itself to years of use and scaling with growing bakeries. The equipment is also ideal for those bakeries looking to grow their production lines while on a budget, as used Fritsch industrial bread production lines maintain their value, but can be found at a more affordable price. Bakery owners turn to businesses like Artisan Capital Partners who specialize in curating and refurbishing used Fritsch industrial bakery equipment, in addition to other brands like used Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment, and outfitting their customers with superior solutions and quality warranties.

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