Used Industrial Baking Equipment

For industrial bakers looking to invest in capital assets, whether that means updating existing equipment or adding entire production lines to scale their business, buying used industrial baking equipment is an economical choice with multiple benefits. Unlike other investments in business operations like networking equipment or computers which are subject to rapidly evolving interoperability protocols and often short-term technology warranties and maintenance contracts, quality industrial baking equipment is built to last.

The top industrial baking equipment manufacturers have a reputation founded in durability and reliability, providing equipment engineered to last up to 50 years. In the secondary market, this equipment is often early in its life cycle and comes with the additional benefits of predictable performance, easy repairability, and an excellent value. Used and refurbished industrial baking equipment will come with a history of its sale and maintenance, as well as performance metrics across various installations, providing potential buyers the information they need to make the best purchase for their operations. Additionally, used industrial baking equipment tends to be well-known and widely-utilized models, which means the parts and expertise required for repair have already been built up over the years since the model’s release. The combination of these factors only increases the value of the equipment, which already positively impacts product costs through its lower cost of investment over a brand new production line.

With all the benefits of buying used industrial baking equipment, some bakers may still find navigating the acquisition and installation processes challenging. For this reason, many bakers turn to businesses like Artisan Capital Partners to help them find the right solution for their industrial bakery. Artisan Capital Partners specializes in buying and selling used bakery equipment with a focus on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. To reach this goal, Artisan Capital Partners leverages their experience in creating cost-effective and efficient bakery production line solutions across multiple types of industrial bakeries and relies on the quality and reputation of the premier manufacturers in the industry.


Mecatherm Industrial Bakery EquipmentUsed Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment can fit into myriad bakery operations with its extensive equipment portfolio of make-up lines, proofers, ovens, coolers, and freezers. Mecatherm equipment is suitable for a variety of industrial bakery applications, including the production of bagels, rolls, baguettes, flatbread, a range of bread loaves, cheesecake, choux buns, croissants, puff pastries, macarons, pie, and even pizza. The versatility and customizability of Mecatherm equipment mean bakers worldwide have come to rely on it for an impressive array of production line needs.

Mecatherm is also known for its commitment to innovation. The manufacturer regularly receives industry recognition for its equipment, including the IBA International Innovation Award at the global IBA trade fair in 2018 for the Mecatherm M-TA oven. The award is meant to recognize highly innovative technical solutions and highlight excellence in the industrial bakery industry. The M-TA tunnel oven was unveiled for the first time at the trade fair was lauded for its impressive modularity with its compact, independently operating heating modules, as well as for its ability to combine radiant heat and convention for precise baking.


From smaller artisan bakeries to large-scale industrial bakery operations, used Fritsch industrial bakery equipment has been a staple of production lines since 1926. With equipment that ranges in size and level of automation, Fritsch offers flexible industrial baking equipment solutions to bakers across the globe. In addition, Fritsch invites professionals interested in their products to visit their Technology Center in Germany to test and observe first-hand the capabilities of the equipment.

Fritch also demonstrates its flexibility in its diverse equipment portfolio. For example, Fritsch manufactures handicraft and semi-automatic equipment such as the ROLLFIX dough sheeter, which has four iterations providing varying degrees of automation from the compact and manual ROLLFIX mini to the high-performance computer-controlled ROLLFIX 700. Fritsch also manufactures fully automatic production lines like the IMPRESSA bread line, which can gently and efficiently process dough for a dough yield of 190, depending on the type of flour.


DIOSNA has situated itself in the market as the “Dough Experts” and as a result used DIOSNA industrial bakery equipment benefits from that expertise. With a range of dough processing equipment such as pre-dough plants and systems, mixers, kneading systems, and elevator tippers, DIOSNA specializes in all things dough-related. Started in 1885 and introducing their first patent for dough mixing and kneading equipment in 1911, DIOSNA has had years to cultivate their knowledge of dough and dough processing industrial baking equipment.

In addition to manufacturing the staples of dough processing, DIOSNA has also created new and unique products with a focus on sustainability. Repurposed scrap dough and leftover bread processing systems allow bakers to minimize production waste and recoup ingredient costs through these production line residuals. With the various types of equipment available in these systems, scrap dough can be recirculated in the laminators, or if the dough is unsuitable for this purpose, can be liquified and fermented for baking. Leftover bread can be crushed, fermented and repurposed as a base ingredient in sourdoughs.


Used Kaak industrial bakery equipment originates with the Kaak Group, a collection of elite industrial bakery equipment manufacturers who together under the Kaak Group umbrella pride themselves on equipping bakers “from silo to truck.” Kaak Food Production Systems (FPS) is the central member of this group providing end-to-end equipment solutions and works to engineer and manufacture proofers, ovens, decorating equipment, de-panners, freezers, and product handling systems. Since the 1960s, Kaak FPS has been meeting the demand of industrial bakeries for greater efficiency and automation in comprehensive production line equipment solutions.

Given the range of Kaak FPS equipment available at every stage of the bakery operation, industrial bakeries have flexible options for incorporating them into their production lines. Depending on their needs, bakers can opt for full production line systems, or can easily integrate Kaak equipment incrementally to their capital assets with the knowledge each addition will fit within their existing and evolving production lines.


As a result of Rademaker’s dual priorities of ongoing research and development and responsive customer training and support, secondary markets are full of innovative used Rademaker industrial bakery equipment. Known for their bread, croissant, pizza, and pie/quiche production lines, as well as their Sigma laminator, flatbread sheeting line, and pastry make-up lines, Rademaker has an extensive portfolio of industrial baking equipment that is continually enhanced to meet baker’s needs.

The quality engineering of Rademaker equipment aims to make complex operations more efficient and to save bakers time and money. Their Universal Pastry Line, for example, features an automated tool assistant that documents line configurations and tooling, helping to simplify changeovers and reduce downtime. Additionally, their emphasis on hygienic design in all their equipment allows for easy top-to-bottom washdowns, saving time and minimizing the risk of contamination and costly recalls. The teams at Rademaker believe that continuous improvement and innovation starts with learning from bakers what their needs and challenges are and developing industrial bakery equipment solutions to meet them.


Logo - Rondo’s Industrial Baking EquipmentUsed Rondo Industrial Bakery Equipment provides the brand’s award-winning dough sheeting and shaping technology to industrial bakeries around the world. Started as a small engineering workshop in 1948 in Switzerland, Rondo was the first manufacturer to invent and patent a mechanized dough sheeter. From these auspicious beginnings, Rondo has gone on to receive industry recognition for its technical solutions that enable significant quantitative and qualitative advances for line production in large bakeries.

Rondo’s quality Swiss engineering helps industrial bakeries achieve gentle and consistent handling of a variety of doughs for a diversity of baked goods. Whether an industrial bakery produces breads, rolls, pastries, pizzas, croissants, or other twisted products, Rondo dough sheeters and shapers promise to provide high-quality industrial bakery equipment solutions, either with entire dough handling systems or individual machines. Buying used Rondo industrial bakery equipment allows bakers to capitalize on all the benefits and characteristics of Rondo equipment while paying less money for a lasting investment.  

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