Used Kaak Industrial Bakery Equipment

Comprehensive Solutions from Used Kaak Industrial Bakery Equipment

Many industrial bakeries across the globe have come to know the products of the Kaak Group and have outfitted their production lines with new and used Kaak industrial bakery equipment.  Whether these are large-scale bakery operations with the complete series of Kaak Group machines, or they are bakeries looking to gradually scale up and acquire a used industrial oven now, a de-panner later, the Kaak Group offers end-to-end equipment solutions.

This versatility of the Kaak Group is achieved by bringing together an elite selection of industrial bakery equipment manufacturers into one group, including Benier, MCS Bread and Pizza Lines, Daub, and Kaak FPS. Priding themselves on bringing bakery operations “from silo to truck,” the Kaak Group’s equipment starts with dough mixing, ends with automated crate handling, and also provides conveyor system technology and overarching production system control solutions for a well-integrated and dynamic production line.

The products of Kaak FPS

Kaak Food Production Systems (FPS) is the seed from which the current Kaak Group sprang. As a response to a shift in the bakery industry in the 1960s from craft bakeries to more industrialized operations, Kaak FPS took the lead in creating systems for greater bakery automation. Today, Kaak FPS is the link connecting the other Kaak Group specialists, as well as the engineer and manufacturer of proofers, ovens, decorating equipment, de-panners, freezers, and product handling systems.

The benefits of refurbished used Kaak bakery equipment

From used Kaak industrial ovens to used Kaak industrial de-panning equipment, bakery owners have a wide variety of long-lasting, quality equipment available to them in secondary markets. And as a result of the Kaak Group’s holistic approach to production lines, bakeries can scale at a pace that fits their budget with the knowledge that multiple high-quality machines can be easily integrated into a complete used bread production line. Nonetheless, navigating secondary markets can be challenging, so many industrial bakers will work with businesses like Artisan Capital Partners, who specialize in partnering with bakeries to help them choose the right equipment for their business. Their role is to help determine what a bakery’s equipment needs are and connect them with options from reputable brands while providing trustworthy warranties. Additionally, as both a buyer and seller of used industrial bakery equipment, they have a growing and evolving inventory.

Contact Artisan Capital Partners to learn about their current inventory and get started building your production line of used Kaak industrial bakery equipment.