Used Rondo Industrial Bakery Equipment

Used Rondo Industrial Bakery Equipment and the Benefits of Dough-How


Industrial bakeries across the world have come to rely on the Rondo brand, and the lasting quality that used Rondo industrial bakery equipment offers for a variety of dough sheeting and shaping needs. In 1948, the international company Rondo became today first started as a small engineering workshop. From this workshop, the first dough sheeter was invented and patented in 1953. These origins as a company devoted to creating a space for design and engineering resonate in the values Rondo touts and the brand they’ve cultivated over the years.

What Rondo means by “Dough-How”

Rondo would argue that the lasting value of used Rondo industrial bakery dough sheeters and dough shapers is due to their “dough-how.” This turn-of-phrase is more than a catchy pun, however, and instead characterizes an overall set of principles and strategies Rondo employs to engineer their equipment. Rondo strongly identifies as a Swiss company and attributes their emphasis on quality, innovation, and reliability to this characteristic. These values have carried them from their first patent to the current industrial bakery equipment market, where they continue to receive recognition for their work in the field. At the largest trade fair and exhibition in the world, iba, Rondo’s Artisana production line was honored in 2018 with the titular iba award, which is an international innovation prize judged by an independent panel of scientists, industry experts, and trade journalists that recognizes technical solutions that enable significant quantitative and qualitative advances for line production in large bakeries. For industrial bakeries with new or used bread production lines outfitted with Rondo equipment, the brand’s reputation and quality engineering ensure a solid return on investment in their dough processing equipment.

The Diversity of Rondo Dough Processing Equipment

Before dough passes through the used industrial oven and the finishing stages of the production line, Rondo offers a diverse portfolio of equipment to meet a variety of dough sheeting and shaping needs. From mechanical dough sheeters that can operate in the space of a tabletop to high-performance electronic dough sheeters such as the Compas HD, Rondo’s equipment works to create consistently high-quality dough blocks and bands. Their dough shapers are flexible and ideal for breads, rolls, pastries, pizzas, croissants, and other twisted products. With its sheeters and shapers or full production line solutions, used Rondo industrial bakery equipment strives to meet the needs of bakeries and of the dough they handle, from soft, high-water-content bread dough to flaky, laminated pastry dough and the many products in between.