The Legacy of Quality Engineering in Used Rademaker Industrial Bakery Equipment

Whether an industrial bakery uses new or used Rademaker industrial bakery equipment, they inherit the company’s dedication to quality engineering and flexible production line solutions. From its innovative Universal Pastry Line to its used bread production lines, Rademaker is a reputable provider of dough processing equipment for a wide variety of bakery products. Since 1977, they have been engineering and manufacturing equipment for bakeries across the world that produce baguettes, breads, croissants, pastries, pizza, flatbreads, donuts, pies, and quiches. Over the decades Rademaker has honed their production line solutions to incorporate more efficient automation, flexible line components, and a keen attention to hygienic design.

Industrial bakery innovations from Rademaker

rademaker-artisan-capital-partners-used-bread-production-lineIn any new or used Rademaker industrial bakery production line, the operators will find equipment that has been designed with consistent and efficient operation in mind. In their Universal Pastry Line, for example, an automated tool assistant has been incorporated to save line configurations and tooling info and hold a chronological list of tools, which simplifies changeovers during production. In addition to this easy reconfiguring, Rademaker equipment is engineered to adhere to the principles of hygienic design and exceed food safety standards. Rademaker achieves this by utilizing stainless steel, opting for rounded edges on all surfaces, and eliminating gaps or recesses, with some equipment designed for top to bottom wash down. These details combine to minimize food safety risks while also minimizing the time and effort needed to clean and sanitize the equipment.

Partnering with bakeries with the Rademaker Academy

In their pursuit of creating innovative and efficient solutions for dough production and processing, Rademaker also recognized the importance of education and support for line operators, supervisors, and maintenance personnel in the bakeries outfitted with their equipment. As a result, they instituted the Rademaker Academy, which provides hands-on training and consultancy in their Technology Centre in Culemborg, Netherlands or on-site at bakeries across the world. In order to utilize their equipment to its fullest potential and get products smoothly from the mixer to the used industrial oven, Rademaker technologists and engineers provide three specialized courses for industrial bakery employees: basic sheeting technology, advanced training, and production line and process efficiency. These trainers and industry professionals work to fill the knowledge gap as industrial baking comes to rely on more sophisticated automation and more advanced production line processes. For many bakery owners, this kind of education and support behind its products makes used Rademaker industrial bakery equipment a solid investment in the future of their business.

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