Used Mecatherm Industrial Bakery Equipment

Used Mecatherm Industrial Bakery Equipment: an industry innovator

used Mecatherm Industrial Bakery EquipmentFor over 50 years, Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment has been synonymous with innovation and quality and has provided reliable industrial bakery equipment to food producers across the globe. Mecatherm has a vast knowledge of baking products and a mastery of recipes, as well as superior equipment quality and production processes. The world over, used Mecatherm bakery equipment is a smart addition to any production line.

Known for its make-up lines, proofers, ovens, coolers, and freezers, the quality of Mecatherm products has served many bakery operations for years. They have long been known as innovators in the food production field, from the introduction of their first multi-stage tunnel oven in 1964, to their most recent product “The Baguette Factory,” a fully automated production line that can be operated by a three-person team and produce upwards of 4,000 baguettes an hour. Efficiency and ease of use are at the heart of their products as they work toward Mecatherm’s mission of simplifying their customer’s business. Depending on your operations and business needs, Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment offers multiple options and models for each stage of your production line including high quality used bread production lines.

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The benefits of refurbished used Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment

Artisan Capital Partners is an experienced supplier of used Mecatherm industrial bakery equipment. Whether you need Mecatherm ovens, a Mecatherm proofer, or you have your eye on “The Baguette Factory,” our experienced teams can help you navigate our growing inventory to find the right equipment for your business. There are significant benefits to purchasing used production line equipment, not the least of which is the impact on your bottom line. Used equipment offers significant capital cost reductions, allowing you to scale your production line more cost-effectively while still utilizing top-tier brands like Mecatherm.

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We know that when you purchase equipment for your operations, you are investing in your business and Artisan Capital Partner helps you know that you are choosing the right equipment for your business. We can help you determine what your industrial bakery equipment needs are and provide you with options from trusted, reliable brands like Mecatherm.

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