Complete 2011 Frtisch Sandwich Thins, Flat Breads & Wraps Production Line

Complete 2011 Bakery Production Line for Sandwich Thins, Flat Breads & Wraps Surplus to the needs of Major UK Baking Company

General OverviewDetails
Product NameComplete Fritsch Flat Breads Production Line
ManufacturerSan Cassiano, Fritsch, Dan Boer, Koma, Schubert, Illapack
Capacity3,000 Kg/H
In Production (y/n)?N
Product SituationIn Storage
Product CategoryBread, Complete Production

Complete Bakery Production Line for Sandwich Thins, Flat Breads & Wraps

Surplus to the needs of Major UK Baking Company 

New installation in 2012 featuring:  
  1. Fritsch 1200mm sheeting and cutting line with throughput of approx. 30,000 units per hour, consisting of primary dough extruder and multiple laminator stations with rotating cutters
  2. Sancassiano dough mixing system designed to handle 2800 kg of dough per hour with (2) Genesi double force mixers with scrap dough return
  3. Air-conditioned belt type prover system with temperature parameters of 25-40 degree C, with humidity range of 40-65%. Full enclosure included.
  4. Den Boer infra-red heated Multibake high temperature oven with 1.3-meter wide belt, plus oven loading and unloading mesh belt systems
  5. Koma cooling tunnel with HMI recipe selection for sandwich thins, bagel thins, wraps and sandwich pita with product cooling range of 8.5 to 20 minutes
  6. UBE model 09SSW single band slicer for sandwich thins (assembled directly after cooling tunnel with wide belt down belts to product stackers
  7. (2) Schubert robotic product stackers with stacking capability of either 4,5,6 or 7 units depending upon recipe selection
  8. (2) Ilapak Delta 4000 right & left-hand flow wrappers designed for 100 zip packs per minute, with Markem Smart date coders and Mettler Toledo metal detectors
Important Information:
The entire production line including all flour support systems, product conveyor, electrical switchgear and plc systems has been decommissioned, professionally disassembled and stored offsite at a Warburton’s warehouse facility.
A sister line to the above which is nearly identical to the above is currently in operation at the Warburton’s Bristol manufacturing plant. The cost to disassemble and transport was approximately 500,000 British Pounds Sterling, representing an enormous saving to the future end user.
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