Rademaker Pizza Base Line

Used Rademaker sheeting line for pizza, thins and flat breads

  • Product Name: Complete Rademaker Pizza and Flat Breads Production Line

  • Manufacturer: Rademaker

  • Year: 2005

  • Capacity: 1,500 Kg/H

  • In Production (y/n)?: No

  • Product Situation: Line In Storage

  • Product Category: Rademaker, Flat Breads, Pizza, Complete Production Lines


The line includes
Extruder 4 rolls
Extruder 3 rolls
Transversal sheeter (cross roller)
2 calibrators
Dough recycling conveyor
Electrical cabinet


Technical Description of the Line:



  • Three-roll extruder to form a continuous strip of dough.  Effective width 490 mm. The machine consists of a hopper with a capacity of 45 liters mounted above two upper cylinders and a lower cylinder. For a good reception of a dough plate of about 520 mm the useful width of the hopper inlet will be 535 mm. All three cylinders have a diameter of 295 mm. The rolls are led by gear motor’s speed regulation by inverter. The thickness of the dough strip is adjustable by the opening between the upper and lower rolls in a range of 20 to 60 mm. Capacity 2.350 kg / h. Equipped with three frequency inverters mounted in the existing main electrical panel. All frequency converters are connected by a cascade system. Equipped with a group lubrication system per lubrication unit with a lubrication point socket.


  • Feed conveyor placed below the 3-cylinder extruder to feed the quick reducer. Length 2,500 mm. Equipped with an exit saber.


  • Quick reducing dough thickness reduction of 10 : 1 maximum depending on its type and quality. The apparatus consists of 12 rolls 70 mm in diameter each, mounted in a common cylinder 400 mm in diameter. This upper cylinder is installed above a lower cylinder with a diameter of 250 mm. The paste thickness is adjustable by adjusting the opening between the upper cylinder and the lower cylinder in a range of 1 to 45 mm. The surface of the lower cylinder is cleaned by a removable scraper. The upper cylinder and the lower cylinder are driven by geared motors mounted on the side of the gear reducer and their speed regulated by frequency inverters. Each drive is mounted directly on the barrel / cylinder shaft without the use of chains.


  • Intermediate conveyor with a length of about 3,500 mm to transport the dough to the two-roll calibrator. This conveyor has a tilting inlet with the possibility of assembling a flour mill and then continues up to the two-cylinder calibrator. Geared motor drive, speed variable by frequency converter.


  • Transverse calibrator to roll the dough in its width. The device consists of a roller with a diameter of 18 0 mm and a length of 250 mm which is a movement perpendicular to the dough. It is driven by a fixed speed motor and engages on a rack. The roller surface is cleaned by scrapers. The height of the roller is adjustable from 1 to 25 mm above the belt.


  • Two-roll calibrator to reduce dough thickness by up to 2 to 1 depending on its type and quality. The device consists of 2 cylinders of 250 mm diameter each. The cylinders are massive. The paste thickness is adjustable by changing the opening between the upper and lower roll in a range of 1 to 45 mm. The surface of the cylinders is cleaned by removable scrapers. The cylinders are driven by a speed-controlled geared motor gearbox installed on the lower cylinder on the side of the calibrator. The upper cylinder is connected to the lower cylinder by means of a chain and sprockets. Equipped with greasable bearings


  • Set of knives to cut the clippings.


  • Farineur deposited a film of flour on the carpet. The apparatus consists of a hopper with a capacity of about 10 kg of flour mounted above a roll dispensereu canellé. Equipped with a brush for a good dispersal. The roller is driven by a geared motor, variable in speed by frequency converter. The working width is adjustable using 2 partitions in the hopper.


  • Pressed driven roller for pressing the dough down on the trimmings. Adjustable height between 0 and 50 mm. Adjustable speed with frequency converter.


  • Conveyor of trimmings to feed clippings to extrude four-cylinder or to extrude three-cylinder. Equipped with frequency converter.


  • Transverse conveyor at 90 ° for removing clippings. The carpet strap 370 mm. Trough construction. Equipped with its own frequency converter.


  • Disposal conveyor declining. Width of carpet 370 mm. Trough construction. Length 6.700 mm. Equipped with its own frequency converter.


  • Disposal conveyor with reciprocating motion of removing trimmings on conveyor pos.702. Equipped with its own frequency converter.


  • Two receiving bins to put under flourers.


  • Three flour dispenser rolls to deposit a “flour strip” on the carpet. The rollers have a profile with grooves. Equipped with brush to divide the flour.


  • Guidance of trimmings to put on the conveyor of return of the existing trimmings.


  • Voltage 230/400 V, 3 phases + neutral + earth – 50 cycles, TNS system



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This is NOT a video of the line, just an illustration. The line is only for Pizza base.

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