Rademaker L shape laminator

Used Rademaker Block processor laminator

General OverviewDetails
Product NameBlock Processor (L-shape laminator)
Capacity250-1000 Kg / hour
In Production (y/n)?N
Product SituationIn Storage. Israel
Product CategoryDough Handling

Technical Description of the Line

Section I: The three-roll extruder makes a dough sheet which will be foreseen with a fat sheet by a fat pump. After the fat pump the dough will be folded.  A retracting belt laminates the dough sheet and bring it on the second section.

Section II: The laminated dough will be reduced in thickness and cut in length and manually take away.

The existing extruder can be placed at the beginning of section II. Including program switch for 10 speed programs.

  • Very good shape;
  • Executed in wash down execution;
  • Working width of 600 mm;
  • 2 sections with capacity 250-1000 Kg / hour.;
  • Manual in German language
  • 230/400 V, 50 Hz.
  • Operation side left
  • Year of construction 2001
  • Drawing available
  • 230/400V, 50Hz. N+PE
  • 22,3 KW, 40 Amp;
  • Air consumption 6 Nl/min;
  • Reference number P5706

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