San Cassiano Robot Mixing System with Double Force Mixers

Complete used Robot Mixing System with Double Force Mixers.

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Product NameRobot Mixing System with Double Force Mixers
ManufacturerSan Cassiano
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Product SituationIn Storage
Product CategoryMixers; San Cassiano

System designed to handle 2,800Kg of dough per hour (including scrap dough
return – if required). Each batch consists of 280kg. Mixers used for production of dough for Wraps & Sandwich Thin products.

System includes:
1. Two Double Force Genesi Mixers inc Inverter speed control. Full Stainless Steel
machines. Bowl covers, handles, hinges and knobs are stainless steel as per
previously supplied mixers.
2. One Spindle Driven St.St Elevator (10 batches/Hr) with motorised scraping system. Support structure for the scraping system, motor guard cover and drip trays to also be of stainless steel construction. Dual channel Electrical interlocking will be provided so that dough can only be delivered to the sheeting line when it is safe to do so.
3. One Scrap Dough Return bowl fill station
4. One Ingredient Station c/w manual additions access (designed to accommodate soaked seed additions via third party pumped system). Seller to work with third party supplier for the dry ingredient weighing and liquid dosing system.
5. Two Resting Station zones installed with lids (System to accommodate up to 10
minutes resting time at 10 batches per hour).
6.  Six Stainless Steel Bowls including bowl drains
7. One Bowl removal system for cleaning bowls and removing reject dough.
8. One Scrap Dough Return Station comprising of a holding hopper a n d a dough weighing system to control up to 100Kg batch of dough. The scrap dough return
supplier will provide a dough level sensor so as to control the return feed of scrap
9. One Light Guard controlled access for manually entering ingredients at pair of Mixers.
10. One pair of Elevator Bellows
11. Full Stainless Steel Specification including gantry carriage, shuttle, control panel, bowls, trolleys, elevator and safety guarding

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