Complete 2014 High Production Toast Bread Line

Complete used 2014 Toast bread production line no longer needed in the continuation operations of Schwebel's Baking Co.

General OverviewDetails
Product NameToast Bread Line
ManufacturerShaffer, AMF, Lanham, APV, Stewart, Newsmith
In Production (y/n)?Y
Product SituationIn Situ
Product CategoryComplete Production Lines; Bread
Dough Mixing Areas
  • (5) Shaffer & Peerless Dough Mixers
  • 2000 to 2500 lb roller bar types
  • Flour weigh hoppers
  • APV-FME dough chunkers
  • Auto dough tro system
  • Dough conveyor to production areas
High Production Bread Line
  • 2014 Installation with
  • AMF ADD plc controlled divider
  • Shaffer MPCG-80 bread molders
  • Lanham continuous belt proofer
  • APV 960-175’ long tunnel oven
  • Stewart depanner & bread coolers
  • Newsmith auto pan cleaner

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