Rondo Sheeting and Makeup Line With Tornado Croissants Machine

Used (2007) Rondo sheeting & make up line with Tornado croissant machine

Rademaker Pizza Base Line

Used Rademaker sheeting line for pizza, thins and flat breads

Rademaker L shape laminator

Used Rademaker Block processor laminator

Used Dijko industrial tunnel rack oven

2007 Dijko industrial tunnel rack oven. Oven includes: * 5 proover modules * 3 oven modules * 3 cooling modules * 1 deep cooling module * Trays and racks

Rademaker industrial croissant machine

Complete 2010 used Rademaker industrial croissant machine. Capacity of up to 120 strokes per minute.

2 Diosna Robotic Kneading Systems

2 Diosna Robotic Kneading System. Each system comes with 2 240Kg counter rotation dough kneading mixers, 5 resting bowls Elevator tipper Command robot. Estimated dough handling capacity per hour (per system): 2000KG.

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