Used Bread Production Lines

Benefits of used bread production lines

While newly manufactured equipment can be appealing there are significant benefits to purchasing used bakery production line equipment. The most impactful may be the bottom line. Used equipment offers significant capital cost reductions, allowing you to scale your production more cost-effectively. There are also less obvious but equally important benefits, such as available maintenance services. Used equipment is more known to suppliers and technicians, making them easier to service and maintain. Additionally, the performance of used equipment is more known and more reliable, all the better to plan production levels and schedules.

Artisan Capital Partners Quality Production line products

At Artisan Capital Partners we specialize in buying and selling used baking production line equipment and can help your business source the equipment you need. We have a growing inventory of quality refurbished used bread production lines including dough machines, flour mixers, bread proofers, ovens, as well as others. We understand what components of an automatic bread production line work well together and which do not. We work with trusted, reliable well-known brands such as Mecatherm, Mondini, Benier, Diosna, and Kaak.

The difference working with Artisan Capital Partners

Upgrading your production line is an important business decision and one that we take seriously. We know that you are investing in your business and Artisan Capital Partners assists you in making the right equipment choices. We can help you determine what your production line needs are, the equipment options available to you, and which brands would best fit within your facility.  Our used baking production lines have been thoroughly researched and refurbished allowing us to confidently provide Artisan Capital Partners’ 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Contact us to learn about our current inventory and get started upgrading your baking production line today.