Used Industrial Ovens for Baking Production Lines

Choosing the right used industrial ovens for your business

Whether your business produces bread, baguettes, cupcakes, tortillas, cakes, or cookies, used industrial ovens will be the central element of any bakery production line. Owning the right type of equipment, and equipment you can rely on, is paramount. This process begins by understanding what cooking temperatures you need during the baking process and your desired production throughput. A conveyor oven offers a lot of flexibility generally, as well as a smaller scale production capacity if needed. A conveyor oven allows your business to quickly augment your production capacity as necessary. A tunnel oven, on the other hand, offers a greater production throughput, and offers a variety of cooking times and temperatures to fit your specific criteria. For both types of ovens there are several options that allow you to tune your equipment to your production needs including a wide array of mesh conveyor belt varieties that allow your specific dough composition to cook properly.

Artisan Capital Partners Quality Production line products

Artisan Capital Partners is an experienced provider of used industrial ovens and other baking equipment. We specialize in both buying and selling used baking production line equipment and can help your business find the equipment you need to grow your business. Our handpicked inventory of quality used industrial ovens often include both conveyor and tunnel oven options, as well as others. We choose the equipment we carry based on the equipment reliability and production quality which is why we work with trusted, reliable industrial baking equipment brands such as Mecatherm, Mondini, Benier, Diosna, and Kaak.

Used industrial ovens for your business today and in the future

Choosing the right production equipment is an important decision for every bakery. Artisan Capital Partners helps you through the process by identifying your equipment requirements and which used industrial oven options are right for your business. We thoroughly research all baking equipment before deciding to add it to our inventory and refurbish our equipment to peak performance. We know that reliability and confidence in your decision for an industrial conveyor oven is important and our detailed refurbishing process allows us to confidently provide Artisan Capital Partners’ 90-day parts and labor warranty for your new ovens.

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